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Weekly Ad (May 19-25, 2017)

Check out this week’s featured new product “Mama La’s Kitchen Beef Pho Broth!” You can bring restaurant quality pho straight into your kitchen with Mama La’s prepared beef broth. Just heat and serve up a bowl of delicious pho for the whole family. Pick one up for just $11.99 and receive a FREE 14 oz pack of Duy Anh Pho Noodles. If you need more noodles, we have Duy Anh Pho Rice Noodles (14 oz) on sale for $1.29 each.

Don’t forget the beef! Visit our meat department for Beef Eye Round at $3.89 per pound. Golden Pompano ($2.49/lb), pre-packed Riverbarb Fish ($2.79/lb), and Fresh Water Prawns ($19.99/box) are on sale in the Seafood Dept.

Got a craving for coconut flavors? We’ve got Tai Tai coconut peanuts ($1.59), Foco Coconut Juice (0.79 cents), Coco Rico Coconut Soda ($2.59 for 6-pack), and Savoy Coconut Cream (0.79 cents) on sale in the grocery aisle.

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