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Weekly Ad (Feb 24-Mar 2, 2017)

Stop on by and check out this week's specials starting with Duy Anh rice paper wraps for frying crispy eggrolls or making spring rolls, just $1.19 each. Choose from Pagolac Caramel Sauce or Hot & Sour Canh Chua Soup Base for $2.89 a bottle. Cook up something special with some Duck Leg Quarters for $4.99/lb or Beef Chuck Roast for $3.99/lb, both on sale in our meat department. Keep warm and brew up a hot cup of Fujian Jasmine Tea ($3.29/can) or select G7 Instant Coffee ($13.99 for a 100 pack box). An bowl of Nongshim Hot & Spicy or Shin Ramyun instant noodles can also heat things up, both on sale for $9.99 (12 pack box). Stay warm, stay dry, and happy shopping!

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