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Got a craving for something sweet? Viet-Wah can help. We carry an eclectic assortment of Asian cookies, cakes and candies. Go ahead and treat yourself!


Skyflakes Crackers

AFC Vegetable Crackers

Assorted & Fruit Jelly Cups

Amira Tamarind Candy

Mooncakes (Seasonal)

Guava Candy

Choco Pies

Mung Bean Cakes

Potato Chips

Shrimp Chips

Chewing Gum

Sweet Mochi

Lotus Seed Cake

Butter Cookie

Golden Pies

Cream Cracker & Wafers

Sweet Rice Cake

Coconut Cookies

Hello Panda Biscuits

Coffee Candy

Choco Pies

Yan Yan Cookie Dips
Haw Flakes


We have more!  Visit one of our stores today and don't forget to save money with weekly sales on our Facebook page

*Selection may vary by store. 


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Viet-Wah gift cards make a perfect gift for any occasion.  Give them to family, friends, co-workers, or just about anyone.


If you share our dedication to service and quality, we'd love to welcome you aboard.  

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