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Weekly Ad (May 5-11, 2017)

Stock up on noodles with selected specials this week like L&W Bean Thread at $2.39 a pack, Data Food Rice Vermicelli for just $0.79 cents each, or Viet Cuisine Instant Sour Crab Soup Vermicelli Noodle bowls at $7.99 for a 6-pack box. Fresh Fragrant Pears ($1.99/lb) and Thai Bananas ($0.79/lb) are on sale in the produce department. Specials in the Seafood department includes packed & ready cooked crab claw meat ($6.99 per 1lb pack) and fresh Red Rock Fish for $1.79/lb. Sauces await for you in the grocery aisles such as CJ Korean BBQ Bulgogi marinate ($4.99/bottle), Anh Hong Vietnamese style 7-Flavor Been Dipping Sauce ($3.79/bottle), and Hobi Sweet Tamarind Sauce ($3.29/pack). Check the ad for more savings and happy shopping everyone!

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