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Weekly Ad (July 28 - Aug 3, 2017)

We are all about convenient cooking, which is why we love Vifon's instant beef pho bowls. You're only 3 minutes and some hot water away from a delicious steaming bowl of pho! Pick up a case of 12 bowls for only $8.99.

For a dessert that's just as quick and easy, try Mae Napa's ready to eat Thai sticky rice dessert, available in mango, taro, or durian flavor. At only $1.29 each, you can try them all. If you'd like a naturally sweet treat, pick up some rambutan for $1/59/lb or jackfruit for 79¢/lb from our produce department.

Our meat department has great deals on beef oxtail for just $3.99/lb and stewing hens for 99¢/lb if you want to tackle making your own soup from scratch.

All these specials and much more are waiting for you at your nearest Viet Wah store. See you soon!

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