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Weekly Ad (Aug 14-25, 2017)

We're nuts about coconuts! Get a case of FOCO Coconut Water for just $13.99 this week, or Frozen Shredded Coconut- perfect for baking desserts. MamaLa's Beef Pho Broth is also on sale this week. Pair it with Vifon Pho Rice Sticks for a quick and easy pho meal you can make at home in just minutes.

The meat department has great deals on ribs: either Beef Short Ribs for $3.99/lb or Pork Baby Back Ribs for $1.89/lb - perfect for the grill. And by popular demand, we're featuring fresh Rambutan ($1.59/lb) and Mangosteen ($4.99/lb) on sale in the produce department.

What are you shopping for this week? See you in the stores!

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