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Weekly Ad (Sept 1-7, 2017)

Summer may be ending soon for some, but our deals aren't going anywhere. This Labor Day weekend, come by to get great savings on fresh produce like Baby Bok Choy for 89¢/lb, Kabocha squash for 69¢/lb, or Jackfruit for 79¢/lb.

Our meat department features Whole Duck ($2.29/lb), Whole Quail Bone-in ($6.99/tray), Pork Chops ($1.89/lb), or Beef Flank Steak ($0.89/lb).

We also have Under $1 Deals in the grocery aisle! Pick up some Vinh Thuan Pancake Flour for Banh Xeo ($0.99/bag), King Car Lemon Tea Lite 19oz ($0.79/bottle), or Asuka Dried Black Fungus ($0.99/bag). Don't forget your favorite grocery items too, like Aroy D Coconut Milk, Datafood Rice Vermicelli, and Vifon Instant Noodles.

Have a great holiday weekend and happy shopping!

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