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Weekly Ad (Sept 15-21, 2017)

Get a leg up on delicious savings this week with a sale on red king crab legs for $10.99/lb and frog legs for $3.79/lb in our seafood section. Don't forget the lemon and butter!

We also have one of our new favorite products, Mama La's beef pho broth on sale for just $9.99. Each bucket can make 4 bowls of delicious pho in just minutes! Don't miss out on other deals in the grocery aisles, including Maggi seasoning sauce, Cococ Rico coconut soda, Knorr chicken broth mix.

In our produce section, pick up yellow bananas for only 59¢/lb, enoki mushrooms for 69¢/lb, or Chinese eggplant for just 89¢/lb. And our meat section has great prices on pork tenderloin, pork belly, and beef flank steak (to put in your bowl of Mama La pho!). See you in the stores!

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