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Weekly Ad (Dec 15-21, 2017)

Get cooking this week with great deals in our meat department, like beef back ribs for $1.29/lb, boneless pork loin roast for $1.89/lb, or whole fresh duck for $2.29/lb. If you're craving seafood, pick up a box of mussels for $6.99 or snails with coconut juice for some escargot, just $4.79.

The produce department has baby bok choy on sale for only 69¢/lb or gai choy for 89¢/lb, and bananas are 59¢. And as always, our grocery shelves are stocked with all your favorites, like Chinese sausage for $5.99, Vietnamese Lady rice vermicelli for $2.29, Lee Kum Kee premium oyster sauce for $2.99, and Hello Panda cookies big box for $3.99. See you in the stores!

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