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Weekly Ad (Dec 22-28, 2017)

Warm up you holidays with a delicious hot pot meal. Save on a new chafing pot with dividers, only $12.99 (28cm) or $16.99 (30cm). Add fresh ingredients such napa cabbage ($0.59/lb), king oyster mushrooms ($1.69/lb). Try some fish balls such as Roxy Fish Ball with Roe Filling ($4.19/ea) or Fuzhou Fish ball with filling ($3.79/ea). Don't forget the seasoning with Little Sheep Hot Pot Soup Base, your choice of plain or spicy hot for $3.99.

Visit the meat section for Beef tenderloin, on sale for $6..99/lb, and New York Beef Steak for $3.99/lb, Choose from our assortment of frozen shrimp and prawns in the seafood section. Stay warm and wishing everyone a wonderful holidays!

Just a reminder that Viet Wah's holiday hours are:

9am-6pm on Christmas Eve

9am-5pm on Christmas Day

Click on image below for larger view:


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