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Weekly Ad (Dec. 29- Jan. 4 2018)

Hoping everyone had a wonderful holidays as we close out 2017. Check out this week's featured specials on Viet Cuisine instant boxed noodles. Choose from Phnom Penh, Sriracha Chili, and Soy style noodles for just $0.79 cents each. Mushroom and Steamed Rice Cake Pork Rolls are just $0.99 cents each.

Heat up a quick bowl of delicious pho at home with Mama La's ready to serve Beef Pho Broth (40 oz) in our frozen aisle, on sale for $8.99 each. Our freshest in town produce section features Spinach ($0.99/lb), King Oyster Mushrooms (($1.69/lb), Thai Bananas ($0.79/lb), and more.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and see you in the stores.

Click on image below for larger view:


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