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Weekly Ad (Jan 19-25, 2018)

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this week's featured snack. Choose from your choice of Buono brand Raisin Pastries, Maple Syrup Pastries, or Palmier Pastries for $2.19 each. Young Coconuts are back on sale ($1.69 each) as well as Squash Kabocha for $0.59/lb in our produce section. Specials on fresh meats such as Beef Eye Round ($3.99/lb), Beef Back Ribs ($1.39/lb), Chicken Leg Quarters ($0.69/lb) await you in our Meat section.

Stay refreshed by stocking up on Chin Chin Lychee Juice Drinks for just $0.69/can in the grocery aisles. Vietnamese Lady Rice Vermicelli (Bun Tuoi) 2 pound bags are also on sale for $2.29 each. Or if you prefer something instant, check out Viet Cuisine's Sour Crab Instant Vermicelli (Bun Riu Cua) bowls for $7.99 a box (6-bowls). Happy shopping everyone!

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