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Mooncakes Now Available!  Celebrate with Sweets & Stories.

The Chinese celebrate Zhong Qiu Jie every year on the lunar calendar’s 15th day of the 8th month. On this day, the moon is shining at its brightest. Children's tales are told about the moon fairy who emerges from her crystal palace to dance upon the moon’s surface.

The ancient legend of the lady of the moon begins with China’s emperor ordering a famous archer to shoot down 9 of the 10 suns in the sky. The archer successfully completed the task and was awarded a pill from the Goddess of Western Heaven that would grant him immortality. However, the archer’s wife swallowed the pill and as a result was banished to the moon. People believe that her beauty shines the brightest on the Moon festival day.

Mooncakes are a sweet delicacy used in celebrating the lunar festival. Family and friends gather and enjoy the delicious pastries alongside hot tea while gazing at the moon. Chinese culture considers the Mid-Autumn Festival as one of its most important celebrations.

For a limited time, share a boxed set of deliciously soft and silky mooncakes with your family and friends. Compliment this annual treat with a piping hot cup of Oolong or Black Tea. These cakes are only here once a year so pick some up today and remember to share.

Indulge in Delicious Mooncakes. Sweet, silky, and melts-in-your mouth. Hurry! These delicacies are only available once a year.


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