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Weekly Ad (Jan 20-26, 2017)

Lunar New Year is nearly a week away and Viet Wah has everything you need for your celebration. Fresh fruits like Mango, Longan, Coconut, Dragonfruit, and Chermoya have arrived. These natural treats were air shipped direct from Vietnam, offering you the best and freshest selected fruits in town.

Delicious handmade Banh Tet (rice, mung bean and seasoned pork, wrapped in banana leaf) are only available once a year. Pickup these annual delicacies and enjoy with sweet fish sauce or brown them in oil for a warm hearty treat. Choose from Banh Tet Squares for $15 each or Log-Rolls $14 each.

For sweeter treats, see our lineup of New Year candies from Lotus Seed, Sesame, Young Coconut, or Peanut candies. Can't decide which one? Sample them all with our Assorted Candy Tray for $12.99. Perfect for hosting guests and it colorfully decorates any table setting. Enhance the decor with fresh and beautifully arrived Gladiolus or Chinese Mums flowers. There's more to see so be sure to visit one of our retail stores today.

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