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Weekly Ad (March 3-9, 2017)

Got a sweet tooth? Be sure to check out this week's Snack Sale with Orion Choco Pies for $3.29 a box and a variety of flavored Pocky sticks at $1.39 a box. Munch on Calbee Shrimp Chips for only $1.99 a bag or Happy Riz Coco Rolls made with real coconut milk for $1.69 a bag.

Sweet Yellow Mangoes are featured in our produce aisle for $10.99 a box alongside Thai Bananas (0.69 cents/lb) and Jackfruit (0.79 cents/lb). Visit our Seafood section for specials on Giant Seaperch ($1.99/lb) and a variety of frozen shrimp starting at $15.99/box. Sauces are featured in the grocery aisle such as Mam Viet Fish Suace ($2.79), Pagolac BBQ Marinade Lemon Grass Flavor ($2.89), and Lee Vietnamese Dipping Sauce for Fresh Spring Rolls at $1.59 each.

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