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Weekly Ad (Mar 10-16, 2017)

Choose from a variety of instant noodle packs including Nongshim Shin cups (6-pack), Sunny Maid Vegetarian (30-pack), or some Sam Yang Spicy Chicken (5-pack), all on sale this week. As always, we offer the freshest produce in town such as sweet Pineapples for $2.49 each and fresh Dragon Fruit directly air-shipped from Vietnam for $3.29/lb.

Visit our Seafood department for this week's fish specials. Choose from Escolar Steak or Alaskan Cod Steak for just $3.99/lb. Indian and Norway Mackerel are on sale for $1.89/lb and delicious Chile Seabass is available for $17.99/lb.

Our grocery aisle features an assortment of sauces such as LKK Oyster Sauce ($3.99 ea), Vietnamese Lady FIsh Sauce for Spring Roll Nuoc Mam Cham ($2.59 ea), and Hobi Sweet Tamarind Sauce ($3.59 ea). Also pick up some refreshing H2C Coconut Water (12-pack) for $14.99, Duy Anh Fine Rice Vermicelli (Banh Hoi Tuoi) for $1.29, and Aroy D Coconut Milk for just $0.99 cents each.

Happy shopping everyone!

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