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Weekly Ad (June 9-15, 2017)

We have the perfect combo for BBQ and marinades this week. Start with our special pricing on Beef Short Ribs for $3.89/lb and choose from a variety of CJ Korean marinade flavors (29.6 oz) for just $4.99 each. Make it a surf and turf week with savings on Fresh King Crab at $12.79/lb or whole Tilapia for $1.29/lb. We also have sale prices on Vietnamese Lady brand rice paper (20 oz) for $2.29/ea and Rice Vermicelli Bun Tuoi (2 LB) for $2.69 a pack. Stock up on Chef’s Choice coconut juice, only 0.79 cents for a 17.5 oz can.

Click on image below for larger view:


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