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Weekly Ad (Aug 4-10, 2017)

Cool down with a can of Chef's Choice Coconut Juice (79¢) or Yeo's Grass Jelly drink (59¢), or choose from the variety of juices, sodas, milk teas, or iced coffees that are pre-chilled in our coolers and ready to refresh you in the heat wave.

We also have great deals on fresh Rambutan ($1.59/lb) and Green Mango ($1.49/lb) for a healthy snack, or green tea Choco-Pies ($3.39) for a slightly sweeter treat.

In our seafood department, pick up wild-caught Indian Mackerel for $1.79/lb or Riverbarb fish for $2.39/lb. And in the meat department, we have Pork Spare Ribs for $1.89/lb - great for grilling if you don't mind a little extra heat!

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