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Weekly Ad (Sept 8-14, 2017)

Get in your shopping AND workout at the same time. You'll need some strong arms to carry out these great deals on watermelon ($2.19 each), mangoes ($8.99/box) and durian ($8.99/lb) from our produce department.

Our grocery aisles are stocked with delicious Trung Nguyen Vietnamese coffee, on sale for $4.59. We also have specials on Golden Mountain soy sauce ($1.39), Chinese sausage ($5.99), or Duy Anh rice vermicelli ($0.99).

Don't forget the meat and seafood departments too, where you can get a steal on beef tenderloin for $6.99/lb, chicken drumsticks for 79¢/lb, or parrot fish for $2.89/lb. Flex your shopping muscles this week!

NOTE: Due to a printing error, we regret to inform customers that jujubes are not on sale this week.

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